Thomas/Dumb Ways to Die

Cast Edit

Version 1 (by Marcuschallies) Edit

Thomas as Numpty

Percy as Hapless

Wilfred (from RWS) as Pillock

James as Dippy

Derek as Dummkopf

Emily as Dimwit

Rosie as Stupe

Henry as Lax

Diesel 10 as Clod

Whiff as Doomed

Kelly as Numskull

Toby as Bungle

Duck as Mishap

Jack as Dunce

Kevin as Calamity

Molly as Ninny

Oliver as Botch

Stepney as Doofus

Peter Sam as Stumble

Gordon as Bonehead

Edward as Putz

Rusty as Phoney

Wilbert (from RWS) as Slaptery

Buster as Mr.Gate

Isobella as Mrs.Gate

Donald,Douglas,Fergus;Bill and Ben as MIFF Extra Characters

Skarloey as Numpty's Son

Neil (from RWS) as Senor Redcape

Culdee (from RWS) as Mr.Ghost

Toad as Munchies

Rex as Loopy

Mike as Gordy

Jock (from RWS) as Crumple

Bert as Bruce

Neville as Junior

Duncan as Puck

BoCo as Bard

Arthur as Potty

Sir Handel as Knucklehead

Freddie as Dingy

Spencer as Reite

Rheneas as Skellieflop

Salty as Boothy

Splatter as Drug Dealer

Dodge as Hunter

Ivo Hugh (from RWS),Dennis,Norman,Bulgy,Paxton as Unseen Characters

Murdoch as Grenadaper

Max as Bear

George as Bull

The Horrid Lorries as Dolphins

Trucks as Piranhas

Bees as Wasps

Byron as Yeti

Monty as Rattlesnake

Hector as Killer Whale

Frank (from RWS) as Penguin

Hens as Chickens

City of Truro as Panda

Old Slow Coach as Moose