Version 1

  • Emily as Giselle (from Andelashia)
  • Lillie Lightship (from TUGS) as Giselle (from New York)
  • Percy as Prince Edward (from Andelashia)
  • Ten Cents (from TUGS) as Prince Edward (from New York)
  • Big Mac (from TUGS) as Robert Philip
  • Henrietta as Lima
  • James as Nathaniel (from Andelashia)
  • Warrior (from TUGS) as Nathaniel (from New York)
  • Rosie as Nancy Tremaine (from Andelashia)
  • Sally Seaplane (from TUGS) as Nancy Tremaine (from New York)
  • Daisy as Queen Narissa (from Andelashia)
  • Zorran (from TUGS) as Queen Narisa (from New York)
  • Sigrid (from Theodore Tugboat) as Sam
  • The Chinese Dragon as Queen Narisa (Dragon Form) (from Andelashia)
  • Johnny Cuba (from TUGS) as Queen Narissa (Dragon Form) (from New York)
  • Bertiea as Pip (from Andelashia)
  • Sunshine as Pip (from New York)
  • Lady Hatt as Narrator
  • Pearl (from TUGS) as Morgan Philip
  • Gordon as Horse
  • Diesel 10 as Troll

Version 2

  • Emily as Giselle
  • Thomas as Prince Edward
  • Edward as Robert Philip
  • Henrietta as Lima
  • Dennis as Nathaniel
  • Molly as Nancy Tremaine
  • Daisy as Queen Narissa
  • Mavis as Sam
  • Madge as Pregnant Woman
  • Diesel 10 as Queen Narissa (Dragon Form)
  • Percy as Pip
  • Lady Hatt as Narrator
  • Rosie as Morgan Philip
  • Sir Handel as Horse
  • Peter Sam as Monster
  • Neville as Castles
  • Flora as Taxi
  • Calling All Engines as New York City
  • Freight Cars as Princess Castles
  • Troublesome Trucks as The Digging
  • Sodor Airport Planes as Eat
  • Bertram as Boat
  • Duke as Mertin
  • The Horrid Lorries as Starbucks
  • Butch as Fish
  • Stepney as Bird
  • Rusty as The Dragon
  • Duncan as The Swinging
  • Sheds as City
  • Knapford as New York
  • Diesel Of Sodor as Rescue
  • Diesel Engine as Rescue You
  • Henry as You Rescue
  • Gordon as City New York

Version 3

  • Emily as Giselle
  • Molly as Nancy
  • Henry as Robert Phillip
  • Thomas as Prince Edward
  • James as Pip
  • Murdoch as Nathaniel

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