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Version 1

  • James as Ethan Wizorek
  • Gordon as Mr. Kevin
  • Henry as Xavier Hardy
  • Edward as Chris Small
  • Thomas as Lucas Werner
  • Percy as Robbie Stifnagle
  • Toby as Zach G Gitto
  • Emily as Miss Jordan
  • Mavis as Ethan's Mom
  • Murdoch as Ethan's Dad
  • Diesel as Jack Cannon
  • Lady Hat as Clara Paulsen
  • Rosie as Aryannah Desty
  • Duck as Max Field Bissy
  • Oliver as Zach
  • Nevile as Ben Churchill
  • Arthur as Cole Maurer
  • Smudger as Frank
  • Stepney as Chad Pogust
  • Sally (From Tugs) as Amber Rowen
  • Elizabeth as Miss Debbie
  • Flora as Dita the Dog
  • S.C.ruffey as Bard
  • Carla (From TT) as Babe
  • Rusty as Natha
  • Lillie (From TUGS) as Miss Beth
  • Daisy as Miss Steph
  • Molly as Miss Kathy
  • Hector as Ryan
  • Bill and Ben as Beck and Noah
  • Madge as Miss Fallon
  • Peter Sam as Rex
  • Donald and Douglas as Ben and Steve
  • Spencer as Ben and Steve's Dad
  • Miss Jenny as Dacia
  • Isobella as Grandma
  • Jack as Grandpa
  • Rheneas as Gilbert
  • Duncan as Scott
  • Victor as Snake
  • Kevin as Lizard
  • Hiro as Rich
  • Dennis as Cosmo
  • Salty as Nico
  • Stanley as Spongebob
  • Captain as Boat Driver
  • Arry and Bert as Mad Hatter and March Hare
  • Bulgy as Camden
  • Hank as Patrick
  • D261 as Tyler
  • Sir Handel as Squidward
  • Bullstrode as Hunter
  • Henrinanta as Miss Mary
  • Diesel 10 as Carousel
  • Skarloey as Boat

Version 2

  • James as Ethan
  • Percy as Robbie
  • Thomas as Ethan's Dad
  • Emily as Ethan's Mom
  • Duck as Lucas

And More

Thomas/Ethan Parodies

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