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Thomas as Yankee Irving

Arry as Stanley Irving

Bert as Lefty Maginnis

Donald/Douglas as Screiwie

Emily as Marti

Edward as Mart Brewster

Emily as Darlin

Rocky as Babe Ruth

Diesel 10 as Lonnie Brewster

James as Mr. Robinson

Belle as Emily Irving

Gordon as Hobo Andy

Oliver as Officer Bryant

Freight Cars as Police Car

Troublesame Trucks as Police Officers

Donald/Douglas as Napoloon Cross

Bill/Ben as Hobo Louis

Hector as Coach Larry Benson

George as Train

Sodor Airport Planes as Train Station

Sir Topham Hatt's Car as Car

Sir Topham Hatt as New York Yankee

S.C.Ruffey as Bus

The Spiteful Breakvan as Bloom

Toad as Chicago

Hiro as Truck

Hank as Eat

Colin as Baseball Toys

Duck as House

Duke as Bridge

Bertram as Bat

Iron as Bag

Plane as Watch Tv

Truck as Coaches

Car as Baseball Picture

Van as Train Ride

Brake Van as Moon

Brake as Telephone

Truck as House

The Spiteful as Train Signal

The Brake Van as Train Bridge

The Spiteful Car as Riding Train

The Spiteful as Train Coaches

Brake Car as Train Tracks

Brake Van as Baseball

The Western Brake Van as Baseball Ball

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