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  • Thomas as Thomas Wharton
  • Edward as Uncle Steve
  • Henry as Nathen Evans
  • Gordon as Michael Roberts
  • James as Uncle David
  • Percy as Daniel Thomas
  • Toby as Jamie Willis
  • Duck as Uncle Roy
  • Donald as Adam Roberts
  • Douglas as Andrew Wharton
  • Oliver as Adam Mcarthy
  • Emily as Louise Morris
  • 13 as Steven Maichal
  • Charlie as David Tarren
  • Diesel as Ellis Debyshire
  • Daisy as Sinead Dykins
  • Mavis as Hayley Wharton
  • Boco as Matthew Wynne
  • Belle as Laura Sneddon
  • Madame (made up another diesel engine) as Sian Larid
  • Quinlee the B1 as Billinda
  • Molly as Veronica Breeze
  • Evil Quinlee as Maleficent
  • Arry as Charlie
  • Bert as Sion
  • Bill as Tyrone Thomson
  • Ben as Arron
  • The Diesel as Jafar
  • Dan and Dimbo (made up tender engines) as Vultures
  • Evil Spencer (Evil Spencer in Hero of the Rails) as Xemnas
  • The Passing Diesel (from RWS) as Charlie
  • 98462 (from RWS) as Demyx
  • 87546 (from RWS) as Luxord
  • D4711 (from RWS) as Hades
  • 58691 the D49 as Saix
  • 60237 the J50 as Xigbar
  • Spencer as Ryan Martin
  • Lady as Sue Wharton
  • Diesel 10 as Scar
  • Flynn as Fireman Sam
  • Mallard (from RWS) as Uncle Gary
  • Wendy as Heidi Culverwell
  • Danni as Auntie Ann
  • Good Diesel 12 as Terra
  • The Diesel Shunter (from RWS) as Steven Wilkins
  • The Diesel Railcar (from RWS) as Zexion
  • Rosie as Zoey
  • Spamcan (from RWS) as Shadow
  • D199 (made up thomas characters) as Thomas 10
  • D261 as Axel
  • Evil Daisy (fan made thomas character) as Carly
  • Evil Mavis (fan made thomas character) as Jenny

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