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  • Thomas as Thomas Wharton
  • Edward as Andrew Wharton
  • Henry as Baloo
  • Gordon as Jack
  • James as Mickey Mouse
  • Percy as Goofy
  • Toby as Jamie Willis
  • Duck as Adult Simba
  • Donald as Bagherra
  • Douglas as Adult Kovu
  • Oliver as Aladdin
  • Emily as Louise Morris
  • Boco as Mufasa
  • Diesel as Lord Kai
  • Duncan as Jin Kazama
  • Daisy as Sinead Dykins
  • Mavis as Princess Aurora
  • Bill as Tyrone Thompson
  • Ben as Daniel Thomas
  • Mallard (from RWS) as Kazuya Mishima
  • Hiro as Heihachi Mishima
  • 98642 as Ursula
  • 87546 as The Raven
  • Diesel 10 as Scar
  • Molly as Ariel
  • Nevelle as Mr Wynne
  • Hayley as Hayley Wharton
  • Oliva as Laura Sneddon
  • Lady as Hanana Edwards
  • Chelsea as Chelsea Whaley
  • Rosie as Sue Wharton
  • Spencer as True Ogre
  • Duncan as Devil Kazuya
  • Caroline as Jun Kazama
  • D261 as Jafar
  • Flynn as Prince Eric
  • Authur as Prince Phillip
  • Flying Scotsman as Danny
  • Arry as Jasper
  • Bert as Horace
  • Mallard as David
  • The Diesel as Hades
  • The Diesel Railcar as Diabo the Raven
  • Qunlee the B1 as Maleficent
  • Chinese Dragon as Dragon Maleficent
  • Evil Emily as Unknown
  • 58691 as Devil Jin
  • Pinknose as Devil Jun
  • Amy the Magical Engine as Auska Kazama
  • D9703/Gavin as Shere Khan
  • Evil Mavis as Devil Auska
  • Evil Daisy as Devil Lili
  • D4711 as Darth Ariel

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