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  • Thomas as Thomas Wharton
  • Edward as Daniel Thomas
  • Henry as Edward Carter
  • Gordon as Nathen Evans
  • James as Jamie Willis
  • Percy as Charlie Wakefield
  • Toby as David Tarren
  • Duck as Adam Roberts
  • Donald as Matthew Wynne
  • Douglas as Andrew Wharton
  • Oliver as Adam as McCarthy
  • Emily as Louise Morris
  • 13 as Steven Connah
  • Charlie as Craig Ebbs
  • Diesel as Ellis Derbyshire
  • Daisy as Naomi Donaldson
  • Mavis as Hayley Wharton
  • Boco as Michael Roberts
  • Diesel 10 as Thomas 10
  • Spencer as Garth Edwards
  • Arry as Colt
  • Bert as Arran
  • Bill as Connor
  • Ben as Thomas
  • D261 as Jafar
  • The Devil Engine as Devil Thomas Wharton
  • The Witch Engine as Louise Morris the Wicked Witch
  • Rosie as Sue Wharton
  • Slobge the Class 40 as Sinead Dykins
  • Molly as Lauren Miles
  • Belle as Laura Sneddon
  • Alfred the LNER Loaned B12 as Frollo
  • Flora the Quarry Diesel as Rachel Pickford
  • Hayley as Heidi Courtwell
  • Flynn as Josh Courtwell
  • Olivia as Sian Laird
  • Belle the Magical Engine as Angela
  • Georgy the Express Engine as Gray
  • The Vampire Train as Vampire Thomas Wharton
  • Harry the J50 as Mr Roberts
  • Edna as Selena Gomez
  • Rouge as Demi Lovato
  • Mubbler as Devil Louise Morris
  • Sloge as Devil Hayley Wharton
  • Diesel 2012 (made up good TTTE character) as Trueogremon
  • Andy Diesel as Scar
  • Gregory as Cai Williams
  • Harry the LNER Loaned J50 as Zira
  • Diesella as Ursula
  • Slobber as Devil Rachel Pickford
  • Mudge as Devil Lauren Miles
  • Pinknose the LNER A4 as Maleficent
  • Emery the Golden Engine as Alison
  • 98462 as Daniel Wiliiams
  • 87546 as Luke Peters
  • 58691 the D49 as Alex Owens
  • 60237 the J50 as Charlie Colion
  • Alfred the LNER Wartine Black B12 as Danny
  • Rouge the Diesel Railcar as Powla
  • Shadow the Tender Engine as Johnathan
  • Amy the Diesel Railcar as Anne
  • Chance the Tender Engine as Chris
  • Saccy the Diesel Railcar as Mia
  • Royal Claude as Nana
  • The Old Engine as Roy
  • Sonic the Fastest Tender Engine as Steve
  • Knuckles the Red Express Engine as Wilff
  • Cream the Quarry Diesel Engine as Nana
  • Bluenose the Naval Engine as Dark Thomas
  • Diesel 84,00,02684 (made up good TTTE character) as Truckomon
  • Diesel 11950 (made up good TTTE character) as Trackomon
  • Diesel 21377 (made up good TTTE character) as Tornadomon
  • Diesel 4364 (made up good TTTE character) as Trialmon
  • Diesel 1267 (made up good TTTE character) as Monstermon
  • Diesel 13754 (made up good TTTE character) Tommymon
  • Diesel 19946 as Timmymon
  • D1995780 as Simba
  • D4711 as Shadow Thomas
  • Roland as Devil Wilff
  • Rotor as Devil Steve
  • Cecil the Loaned B17 as Davy Jones
  • D402 and D455 as E-101 and E-102
  • Iron Bill and Iron Ben as E-123 and E-124
  • Tails the Saddle Tank Engine as Jack
  • Cecil the LNER B12 as Sora
  • Timmy the Evil Tank Engine as Metal Thomas
  • Spamcan (from RWS) as Zurg
  • D199 (made up thomas character) as Iron Man
  • Old Stuck Up (from RWS) as Scar
  • The Robot Engine as E-129
  • The Diesel as Blackbeard
  • Malady as Devil Mia
  • Evening Star as Kathrine
  • Maude as Jen
  • Glen Douglas as Dark Daniel
  • Carla the Diesel Railcar as Steth
  • May as Stephine
  • Princess Alexandra as Trish

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