Thomas/Family Guy parodies-Featuring Duck and Rosie is a parody featuring Family Guy sound and Thomas & Friends clips.


  • Duck as Peter
  • Rosie as Lois
  • Thomas as Brian
  • Percy as Stewie
  • Stanley as Chris
  • Molly as Meg
  • Sir Handel as Quagmire
  • Toby as Joe
  • Donald/Douglas - Cleveland
  • Diesel - The Yellow Chicken
  • Isobella - The Yellow Chicken's Wife
  • Elizabeth - Thelma
  • Gordon - Tom Tucker
  • Flora - Dianne Simmons
  • Emily - Jillian, Brian's Girlfriend
  • Billy - Neil
  • Whiff - Mort
  • Diesel 10 - Death
  • Daisy - Death's Mother


  • Duck would be stupid.
  • Rosie would be affectionate.
  • Thomas would have no emotion.
  • Percy would plot to kill Rosie.
  • Stanley would be fat.
  • Molly would be ugly.
  • Sir Handel would be a womanizer.
  • Toby would be disabled,
  • Donald/Douglas would be slow.
  • Diesel would fight Duck.
  • Isobella would be Diesel's wife.
  • Gordon would be a news engine.
  • Billy would be in love with Molly.
  • Whiff would be Billy's dad.

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