• Thomas as Ricky
  • Emily as Vanessa
  • James as James (James and James both share the names)
  • Molly as Nathalie
  • Mavis as Louise
  • Rosie as Sinead
  • Hiro as Hiro (Hiro and Hiro are both Asian)
  • Charlie as B-Bop Dinosaur (Charlie and B-Bop are both purple)
  • Duck as Tyrone (Duck and Tyrone are both Western)
  • Gordon as Corey
  • Toby as Spencer
  • Edward as Thompson
  • Percy as Simeon
  • Madge as Min
  • Elizabeth as Sarah
  • Isobella as Laura
  • Henry as Mishima
  • Caroline as Mrs. Jacob
  • Donald as Nathan
  • Douglas as Thomas


Ned Beatty - Thomas

Joan Cusack - Emily

Jerry Nelson - James

Bebe Neuwirth - Molly

Brenda Fricker - Mavis

Emily Hahn - Rosie

Teddy Newton - Hiro

Joey Mazzarino - Charlie

Terry Klassen - Duck

Nathan Lane - Gordon

Brad Garrett - Toby

David Alan Grier - Edward

Brendon Ryan Barrett - Percy

Tegan Moss - Madge

Tress MacNeille - Elizabeth

Raquel Beaudene - Isobella

James Earl Jones - Henry

Glenn Close - Caroline

Tom Hanks - Donald

Tim Allen - Douglas

Thomas/Familys are in UK

  • Thomas as Thomas Wharton
  • Edward as Nathen Evans
  • Henry as Daniel Thomas
  • Gordon as Jamie Willis
  • James as Nick Jones
  • Percy as Tyrone Thompson
  • Toby as Tegied Williams
  • Duck as Josh Matthews
  • Donald as Matthew Wynne
  • Douglas as Andrew Wharton
  • Oliver as Ryan Martin
  • Emily as Louise Morris
  • Boco as Sam Huxley
  • Daisy as Sinead Dykins
  • Diesel as Oliver Dooer
  • Mavis as Hayley Wharton
  • Rosie as Sue Wharton
  • Spencer as James Yale
  • Derek as Alled Morgon
  • Lady as Laura Sneddon
  • The Diesel/D261 as Chris Bennet
  • Green Arrow as Wilf
  • Molly as Lauren Milles
  • Fergus as Ellis Derbyshire
  • Quinlee the B1 as Sian
  • Bill as Matthew
  • Ben as Ryan
  • Flying Scotsman as Garth Edwards
  • Arthur as Michael
  • Bluebell as Alison
  • Arry as David
  • Bert as Steven
  • Earl Marischal as David
  • 98462 as Joe
  • 87546 as Charlie
  • Mallard as Gary
  • Flora as Heidi
  • Chelsea as Chelsea Whaley
  • Duchess of Hamilton as Stepthine Cresswell
  • Toby's Brother as Jin Kazama
  • Archibald the Evil 2P as Devil Jin
  • Diesel 10 as Thomas
  • 58691 as Thomas
  • Tornado as Paul
  • Blue Peter as Roy
  • The Diesel Railcar as David
  • Sir Nigel Gresley as DJ
  • Bitten as Angela
  • Norman the Evil 2p as Cai Williams
  • The Old Engine as Mark
  • Royal Claude as Danny
  • Sarah the B12 as Jun Kazama
  • D9703/Gavin as True Ogre
  • Pinknose as Devil Jun
  • Murdoch as Heihachi Mishima
  • The Foreign Engine as Devil Heihachi
  • Edna as Deni
  • Rouge as Chantel
  • Belle as Carol Matcalf
  • D4711 as Steven Connah
  • Pricess Alexandra as Rachel Pickford

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