• Thomas as Fanboy
  • Percy as Chum Chum
  • James as Kyle Bloodworth-Thomason
  • Diesel as Sigmund The Sorcerer

Voice Cast

  • David Hornsby - Thomas
  • Nika Futterman - Percy
  • Jamie Kennedy - James and The Gooper
  • Jeff Glen Bennett - Devious Diesel and Dieselmordian


  • Diesel: Congratulations, Vizengines!, You have destroyed all ze bats.
  • Thomas and Percy: Yeah!
  • Thomas: Hey I got an extra life.
  • James: Yes, Yes. Beginner's luck. I'll take my ticket to Milkweed now?
  • Diesel: You may short vork on my bats. But how vill you fare against the Gooper?, Behold!
  • [The Gooper looks like James' Face laughing Goofily]
  • Diesel: Ze Gooper is a clumsy dull-vitted creature, vith no magical abillites to speak of. Can you defeat zis bumbling oaf?
  • Percy: Ooh, sorry! It really is uncanny. I can't tell which is which!
  • Thomas: Let's just destroy them both.
  • Diesel: Don't vorry, if you can't stop ze Gooper. He's so stupid, he always destroys himself! [Diesel Giggling]
  • [The Gooper laughing, then he sneezed and destroys, Thomas and Percy laughing]
  • Diesel: Bye-bye, Gooper!
  • James: Grr!, Very amusing, Diesel. Now if we're through bashing James, can we please just get on with the game?
  • Diesel: 194 James-Bashing Levels Later. Now, you have reached ze final level, und admittance to Milkveed is almost yours!
  • Thomas and Percy: THE FINAL LEVEL!
  • James: Yes!, Milkweed, Bring it!
  • Diesel: But first, you must face ze most powerful wizengine in ze universe: James, Ze Conjurer!
  • James: I'm -- the final level?, I'm so flattered!, I don't know what to --
  • Diesel: PSYCH! [Diesel Laughs], If you knew anything about vizarding, you vould be holding your sides from ze spliting! No. You vill face a vizengine of actual power: DIESELMORDIAN!
  • Diesel: But James, you didn't foolishly zink zat playing a video game vould get you into ze most exclusive school in ze universe, did you?
  • James: Yes!, that is what your ambiguous marketing led me to- wait. How did you know my name?
  • Diesel: Hmmm, How indeed James?, Could it be zat I not ze hologram, But rather ze real Diesel surrounded by a glowly spell? Oh, James. It seems zat you vill never learn! [Devious Diesel Laughs, Suddenly freezes and grunting] Vait!, Vhy am I not able to move ze limbs?!
  • [James Laughing]
  • James: Actually, I've learn two things, Diesel. How to pause the game and how to properly use this boot.
  • Diesel: Eee!, Oh No no!
  • [Devious Diesel Screaming]

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