• Thomas as Fanboy
  • Percy as Chum Chum
  • James as Kyle The Conjurer
  • Diesel as Sigmund The Sorcerer
  • Henry as Oz
  • Duke as Necronomicon

Voice Cast

  • David Hornsby - Thomas
  • Nika Futterman - Percy
  • Jamie Kennedy - James
  • Jeff Glen Bennett - Devious Diesel and Duke
  • Josh Duhamel - Henry


  • Thomas: Oh man!, I can't believe!, We're actually gonna meet, Diesel The Sorcerer!
  • Percy: I hope he does lots of Sorcery and magic.
  • Thomas: Diesel The Sorcerer!
  • Percy: A Magic--cian.
  • James: Diesel! Here!, That just gives me just enough time to disappear.
  • Henry: It's him!
  • CGI Diesel: Wrong, Ze real Diesel is over zere.
  • Henry: It's him!
  • Diesel: You've been dazzled by Devious Diesel Ze Sorcerer!
  • Henry: Ok, My mind is seriously freaked.
  • CGI Diesel: Zank you, zank you, you're too kind.
  • Diesel: Kvit showboating!, Vait for me in ze scrapyard. Now Devious Diesel vill be available for ze signing uf ze DVDs and officially licensed merchan-dazzle.
  • Thomas: James, Introduce us.
  • James: Oh, This is....
  • Thomas: I'm FanThomas, and this is Percy Chum, We loved your work. We watched your TV show every week. That Halloween special, When your carved the pumpkin with your mind, oh, we still talked about it.
  • Percy: Could I get your autograph?
  • Diesel: You already haff it, check ze insides uf your eyelids.
  • Percy: Ooh, Whoa!, I'll never open my eyes again.
  • Diesel: Oh, James, Vhat ein great little hovel. So tell me, Vhy did you choose to live in zis shed?
  • James: Yes, Why I did choose such a shabby scrap, Oh, Because it was chosen for me by the young wizengines' fellowship grant, Which I won.
  • Diesel: Really?, I happen to be ze chair uf ze young vizengines' fellowship board and I don't remember selecting you.

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