• Thomas as Fanboy
  • Percy as Chum Chum
  • James as Kyle The Conjurer
  • Spencer as Sigmund The Sorcerer
  • Henry as Oz
  • Duke as Necronomicon

Voice Cast

  • David Hornsby - Thomas
  • Nika Futterman - Percy
  • Jamie Kennedy - James
  • Jeff Glen Bennett - Spencer and Duke
  • Josh Duhamel - Henry


  • Henry: It's him!
  • CGI Spencer: Wrong, Ze real Spencer is over zere.
  • Henry: It's him!
  • Spencer: You all been dazzled by Spencer Ze Sorcerer!
  • Henry: Ok, My mind is seriously freaked.
  • CGI Spencer: Zank you, zank you, you're too kind.
  • Spencer: Kvit showboating!, Vait for me in ze shed. Now Spencer vill be available for ze signing uf ze DVDs and officially licensed merchan-dazzle.
  • Percy: Could I get your autograph?
  • Spencer: You already haff it, check ze insides uf your eyelids.
  • Percy: Ooh, Whoa!, I'll never open my eyes again.
  • Spencer: So James, Vhat haff you been up to since you vere kicked out uf ze Milkveed Academy for vizEngines?
  • James: Oh, Where to start, Well I have many achievements.
  • Spencer: You haff elves to valet mein griffin, Zat's unexpected.
  • James: What sort of the successful wizEngine would I be, If I didn't use elf assistants?
  • Spencer: Hmm, But I zey know how to drive schtick. Oh, James, Vhat ein great little hovel, So tell me, Vhy did you choose to live in zis skvalor?
  • James: Yes, Why did I choose this shabby dump?, Oh, Because it was chosen for me by the young wizEngines fellowship grant, Which I won.
  • Spencer: Really, I happen to be ze chair uf ze young vizEngines fellowship board and I don't remember selecting you.
  • Spencer: Oh, baby pheasant, How unexpectedly posh. I suppose I could force it down, Ah, Ah-ha, Ah-ha!
  • James: What are you doing?
  • Spencer: Vhy is mein dinner not serving itself to me?, Your shed is enchanted is it not?
  • James: Enchanted?
  • Spencer: Ja, enchanted. Teapots zat pours zeir own tea, napkins zat jump into your lap, knives zat cut vizout you holds zem enchanted!
  • James: Oh my, look at that marvelous enchanted bird. Why would anyone want to look anywhere else but there?
  • Thomas: Light or dark meat, governor?
  • Spencer: Dark, if you please, vith plenty uf gravy.
  • Spencer: Vell, it seems you haff enchanted zings after all.
  • James: Make sure you save room for dessert. I may have a don't make your own sundae bar.
  • Spencer: You know James, I must say, I'm fery impressed vith you.
  • James: Really?
  • Spencer: You seem to haff it all: Enchanted poultry, charming vorking-class gravy bowl.

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