The Cast

  • Thomas as Fat Albert
  • Edward as Old Weird Harold
  • Henry as Dumb Donald
  • Gordon as Bill
  • James as Rudy
  • Percy as Bucky
  • Toby as Mushmouth
  • Duck as Russell
  • Mavis as Doris
  • Rosie as Lauri
  • Diesel as Reggie
  • S.C.Ruffey as Arthur
  • Bertie as Teen
  • Cranky as Camera Salesman
  • Harold as Basketball Player
  • Daisy as Mrs Forchick
  • Bugly as Coach Gillespie
  • Molly as Becky
  • Annie as Emmitt
  • Harold as Salesman
  • Emily as Heather
  • Sir Handel as DJ
  • Belstrode as Mr Mudfoot
  • The Horrid Lorries as Teen #1, Teen #2 and Teen #3

See Also

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