Version 1

  • Donald as Father Ted Crilly
  • Douglas as Father Dougal Macguire
  • Emily as Mrs. Doyle
  • Sir Handel as Bishop Len Brennan
  • Duncan as Father Jack Hackett
  • The Diesel as Father Fintan Stack
  • Troublesome Trucks as The Elderly Priests
  • Ten Cents from (Tugs) as Thomas
  • Hercules from (Tugs) as Edward
  • Warrior from (Tugs) as Henry (Warrior and Henry are both Kind and Clumsy)
  • Big Mac from (Tugs) as Gordon (Big Mac and Gordon are both Big and Strong)
  • Top Hat from (Tugs) as James
  • Sunshine from (Tugs) as Percy
  • OJ from (Tugs) as Toby
  • Grampus from (Tugs) as Duck
  • Frank & Eddie from (Tugs) as Donald & Douglas
  • Lillie Lightship from (Tugs) as Emily
  • Fundy from (Tugs) as Salty
  • Carla from (Tugs) as Caitlin
  • Fire Cheif from (Tugs) as BoCo
  • Captain Star from (Tugs) as Sir Topham Hatt

Version 2 (By ThomasandRusty)

Thomas = Father Ted Crilly

Percy = Father Dougal McGuire

Edward = Father Jack Hackett

Emily = Mrs Doyle

Diesel = Father Dick Byrne

Gordon = Bishop Brennan

Henry = Henry Sellers

Duck = Father Barty Dunne

Donald & Douglas = Police (from Competition Time)

Diesel 10 = Pat Mustard

The Diesel = Father Todd Unctious

Arry & Bert = Father Cyril MacDuff

Daisy = Sister Assumpta

Horrid Lorries = Peanuts

Peter Sam=Father Noel Furlong

Sir Handel=Father Jessop

Arthur=Father Larry Duff

Spencer=Father Fintan Stack

James=Eoin McLove

Oliver=Father Buzz Cagney

Skarloey=Father Paul Stone


Thomas (Dermot Morgan) would be a clever tank engine, a smoker and the main protagonist.

Percy (Ardal O'Hanlon) would be a dumb tank engine and a rollerblader.

Edward (Frank Kelly) would be nearly dumb as Percy, a fan of alchohol and a swearing old engine.

Emily (Pauline McLynn) would be the housekeeper engine and cake, tea and sandwich server.

Diesel (Maurice O'Donoghue) would be Thomas's enemy, a smoker and the main antagonist.

Gordon (Jim Norton) would be a strict bishop who hates the other steam engines especially Thomas.

Henry (Niall Buggy) would be a BBC Television Presenter who gets drunk on sherry.

Duck (Fergus O Kelly) would be a laughing GWR engine and get annoying to Henry.

Donald & Douglas would be police engines called by Thomas.

Arry & Bert (Don Wycherely) would be dumb diesels (dumber than Percy) and Diesel's roomates.

Daisy would be the leader of nuns who treats Thomas and Percy crazy and loves chocolate.

Horrid Lorries would be three lorries chasing Thomas in his second dream.

Peter Sam (Graham Norton) would be an annoying engine who acts crazy.

Sir Handel (Ian Fitzgibbon) would be the most sarcastic engine on Sodor, who is aide to Gordon and gets imprisoned in Edward's laundry basket

Arthur (Tony Guilfoyle) would be a friend of Thomas always causing accidents when being interrupted.

Spencer (Brendan Grace) would be a rude engine replacing Edward when he leaves and appauling.

James (Patrick McDonnell) would be a sickly, sweet engine on tv, who acts as a spoiled brat off camera.

Oliver would be a GWR engine who was going to America with Thomas (before he changed his mind)

Skarloey (Michael Redmond) would be a really boring engine who says 'No I'm fine'.

Version 3

Thomas as Father Ted

Percy as Father Dougal

James as Father Jack

Emily as Mrs Doyle

Gordon as Bishop Brennan

Diesel as Dick Byrne

Henry as Henry Sellers

Duck as Barty

Spencer as Father Fintan Stack

Diesel 10 as Pat Mustard

Version 4 (By DWMATILDA, Please do not DELETE!)

Gordon as Father Ted

Henry as Father Dougal

Thomas as Father Jack

Emily as Mrs Doyle

Duck as Bishop Brennan

Oliver as Noel Furlong

Diesel 10 as Dick Byrne

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