Casts are most like Thomas as Father Ted, Percy as Father Dougal and Edward or James as Father Jack

  • Ted - Donald/Thomas/Gordon/James/Percy/Toby/Henry/Edward/Oliver/Duck
  • Dougal - Douglas/Percy/James/Donald/Thomas/Duck/Oliver/Henry/Arry/Bert
  • Jack - Duncan/Edward/James/Duke/Toby/Hiro/Whiff/Skarloey/Rheneas
  • Mrs Doyle - Emily/Daisy/Rosie/Molly/Mavis
  • Dick - Diesel/Arry/Bert/The Diesel/Spencer/Boco
  • Henry - Henry/Fat Controller/Gordon/Thomas/James/Murdoch
  • Barty - Duck/Mr Percival/Stationmaster/Arthur/Thomas/Percy
  • Pat - Diesel 10/Diesel/Bulgy/The Diesel/Arry/Bert/George/D199/Spencer
  • Bishop Brennan -Sir Handel/Gordon/Henry/Fergus/Spencer
  • Fintan Stack - Spencer/Bulgy/Diesel/The Diesel/George/Arry/Bert/Scruffey

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