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  • Thomas as Maleficent (Thomas and Maleficent are both Leaders)
  • Edward as Mother Gothel (Edward and Mother Gothel are both Old)
  • Henry as Cruella De Vil
  • Gordon as Lady Tremaine
  • James as The Evil Queen Grimhilde (James and The Evil Queen Grimhilde are both Vain and Good-Looking)
  • Percy as The Queen of Hearts (Percy and The Queen Of Hearts are both Childish and Silly)
  • Toby as Ursula (Toby and Ursula are both Clever and Polite)
  • Duck as Yzma (Duck and Yzma are both Smart and Intelligent)
  • Oliver as Madam Mim
  • Emily as Captain James Hook (Emily and Captain James Hook are both Elegant and Charismatic)
  • Mavis as Jafar (Mavis and Jafar are both Wearing Black)
  • Molly as Hades
  • Rosie as Mr. Smee
  • Lady as Dr. Facilier (Lady and Dr. Facilier are both Wearing Purple)
  • Flora as Judge Claude Frollo
  • Belle as Gaston (Belle and Gaston are both have French Names and they are both Strong)

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