1. Emily as Crysta
  2. Stepney as Zak Young
  3. Percy as Batty Koda
  4. Gordon as Pips
  5. Lady Hatt as Magi Lune
  6. Sir Topham Hatt as Crysta's Father
  7. Bill as Tony
  8. Ben as Ralph
  9. Derek as Gonnana
  10. Duncan as Stump
  11. Sir Hantel as Root
  12. Peter Sam as Knotty
  13. Skarloey as Elder
  14. George as Hexess
  15. The Chinese Dragon as Black Goo
  16. S.C. Ruffey as Black Skull
  17. Arry as Ock
  18. Bert as Rock
  19. Oliver as Richard Tyler
  20. James as Adventure
  21. Lady as Fantasy
  22. Duck as Horror
  23. Toby as The Pagemaster
  24. Jack as Alan Tyler
  25. Isobella as Clarie Tyler
  26. Whiff as Mr. Dewey
  27. D261 as Giant Squid
  28. Smudger as Dogs
  29. Edward as Dr. Jekyll
  30. Diesel as Mr. Hyde
  31. Trucks as Ghost Story
  32. Patrick as Whale Hunter
  33. Hector as Whale
  34. Byron as Long John Silver
  35. Aflie as Tom Morgan
  36. Kelly as George Merry
  37. Nelson as Jamaican Pirate
  38. Red Trucks as Pirates
  39. Purple Trucks as Guards
  40. Madge as Mother Goose
  41. Coaches as Fairies
  42. Fergus as Humpty Dumpty
  43. Diesel 10 as Dragon
  44. The Stationmaster's Wife as Queen of Hearts
  45. Daisy as Thumbelina
  46. Salty as Prince Cornelius
  47. Bulgy as Grundel
  48. Paxton as Berkeley Beetle
  49. Mavis as Mother
  50. Elizabeth as Mrs. Toad
  51. Gremlin as Hero
  52. Bertie as Li Bee
  53. Harold as Jacquimo
  54. Caroline as Ms. Fieldmouse
  55. Terence as Baby Bug
  56. Trevor as Gnatty
  57. Ned as Mr. Mole
  58. Molly as Anastasia
  59. Thomas as Dimitri
  60. Charlie as Pooka
  61. Henry as Vladimir
  62. Rusty as Bartok
  63. Spencer as Rasputin
  64. Annie as Marie
  65. Charebel as Sophie
  66. Neville as Mr. Fox
  67. Rosie as Mrs. Fox
  68. Murdoch as Station Fox
  69. Harvey as Badger
  70. Stanley as Beaver
  71. Arthur as Kylie
  72. Rheneas as Ash
  73. Duke as Mouse
  74. Hiro as Kristofferson
  75. Flora as Agnes
  76. Dennis as Coach Skip
  77. Bulstuode as Boggis
  78. Splattle as Bunce
  79. Dodge as Bean
  80. The Spiteful Breakvan as A Beagle
  81. Boco as Rat

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