Thomas/Flushed Away is a parody with Flushed Away sounds and Thomas the Tank Engine and Friends clips.


  • Thomas as Roddy
  • Emily as Rita
  • Diesel as Toad
  • Bulgy as Le Frog
  • Percy as Sid
  • Arry as Spike
  • Bert as Whitey
  • George as Thimblenose Ted
  • Max as Fat Barry
  • Monty as Ladykiller
  • Duck as Shocky
  • Oliver as Jojo
  • James as Liam
  • Henry as Fergus
  • Mavis as Rita's Little Sister #1
  • Rosie as Rita's Little Sister #2
  • Lady as Rita's Little Sister #3
  • Edward as Rita's Dad
  • Molly as Rita's Mom
  • Elizabeth as Rita's Grandma
  • Salty as Pegleg
  • Bertie as Goldfish
  • Toby as Harold the Prophet
  • Gordon as Officer Colin
  • Boco as Tex
  • Daisy as Edna
  • Bridget Hatt as Tabitha
  • Sir Topham Hatt as Tabitha's Dad
  • Lady Hatt as Tabitha's Mom
  • Narrow Gauge Engines as Rita's Brothers and Sisters
  • Troublesome Trucks as The Slugs and Tadpoles
  • Season 1 Troublesome Trucks as Henchfrogs

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