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  • Thomas as Big Bird
  • Daisy as Miss Finch
  • Duncan as Count Von Count (both have strange accents)
  • Kevin as Telly (both are funny)
  • Gordon as Gordon (Gordon and Gordon both share the same name)
  • Emily as Olivia
  • Elizabeth as Maria
  • Diesel as Oscar
  • Flora as Grundgetta
  • Harvey (with Rocky and the Breakdown crane) as Bruno
  • Mavis as Ruthie
  • Rheneas as Floyd
  • Arry & Bert as Sam & Sid
  • Percy as Snuffy
  • Henry and James as Ernie and Bert
  • Jack as Cookie Monster (Jack is just like Cookie monster some times)
  • Victor as State Trooper
  • Trucks as Honkers (both silly)
  • Ben as Biff
  • Bill as Sully
  • Duke as Hoots the Owl
  • Edward as Grover (both are blue)
  • Caroline as Grouch Waitress
  • James' blue trucks as The Dodos
  • Duck as Kermit the Frog


Quote 1:

  • Kevin: boy maybe we made a mistake that salad looks great!

Quote 2:

  • Daisy: i'm going to find Thomas wherever he is & bring him back to the blue trucks!

Quote 3:

  • Thomas: What, chickens? I hear chickens! I love chickens!

Quote 4:

  • Rheneas: You're the most beautiful chicken I've ever seen!
  • Thomas: Oh, I'm not a chicken, I'm a tank engine on the run.
  • Mavis: Rheneas, he's the little blue engine on T.V. that ran away.
  • Thomas: Oh, I didn't run away, I'm going to my real home on The Island of Sodor.
  • Mavis: Are you tired?
  • Thomas: Oh, I don't know, maybe a little. I wish I had a place to sleep.
  • Mavis: Have you ever slept in a quarry shed?

Quote 5:

  • Thomas: Hey, not bad!
  • Mavis: Will you stay here and play with us tomorrow?
  • Thomas: Boy, I haven't played with engines for a while, but okay, maybe for a little bit.

Quote 6: A Music Video

  • Thomas: One little star, all alone the sky, do you ever get lonely as the twilight drifts by?
  • Emily: One little star, through the darkening blue, do you long for another just the way as I do..........
  • Percy: Mind begins to fill darkness and the day, someone who I love is far away.......
  • Thomas: One little star, reaching far through the night......
  • Emily: One little star, reaching far through the night......
  • Thomas, Percy and Emily: Would you lay on my sunshine, lay on my sunshine so we're sharing your light.......
  • Thomas and Emily: Oh, one little star, shine on us all tonight.

Quote 7: Another music video

  • Thomas: The sun is in the sky and, clouds are rollin' by and today is gonna be a wonderful day.
  • Mavis: Hand in hand together, we'll be friends forever, sharing all the good times....
  • Thomas and Mavis: Happy and free, it's gonna be so easy going, we'll laugh our cares away, on this easy going, easy goin' day.
  • Thomas: We're never in a hurry, got no time to worry, we'll take it nice and easy, singin' a song.
  • Mavis: There's never any trouble.....
  • Thomas: We're floatin' like a bubble......
  • Mavis: Fa la la la la la........
  • Thomas: Lighter than air....
  • Mavis and Thomas: Why should we care, we're easy goin', we'll laugh our cares away, on this easy goin', easy goin' day........
  • Thomas and Mavis: Easy goin', we'll laugh our cares away, on this easy goin', easy goin' day..........

Coming to YouTube this Easter!

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