Thomas/Frosty, Max and Roger's Adventures of Hoot: Who Framed Roger Mouse are parodies.


Version 1 (made by BrittalCroftFan, do not edit, add, or delete!)

(For Rankin Bass)

  • John as Roger Mouse
  • Harry as Donald Duck
  • Michael the Double Tender Engine as Max Goof
  • Harry the Double Tender Engine as R.K. Maroon II
  • Thomas as Frosty
  • Skarloey as Rudolph
  • Rheneas as Hermy
  • Oliver as Kris Kringle
  • Lady as Karen
  • Little Gordon (from TTMA) as Pinocchio
  • Percy as Santa
  • Mary as Jessica Mouse
  • Princess Eilonwy (from Disney's The Black Cauldron) as Shoe
  • Diesel as Burger Miester
  • Diesel 1000 as Judge Doom
  • The Evil Trucks as Weasels
  • Bertie as Hocus
  • Goose as Benny
  • Patrick as Professor Hinkle
  • Prince Adam the Tank Engine as Roy
  • Belle the Beautiful Engine as Beatrice
  • Chip the Small Engine as Mullet Fingers
  • Maurice the Tram Engine as Officer David Delinko
  • Cogsworth the Red Engine as Curley
  • Prince Eric the Tank Engine as Mr. Eberhardt
  • Ariel the Beautiful Engine as Mrs. Eberhardt
  • Hades the Claw Engine as Muckle
  • Mrs. Potts the Yellow Engine as Kimberly
  • King Trition the Express Engine as Garrett
  • Beast the Japanese Tender Engine as Mayor Grandy
  • Devious LeFou as Dana Matterson
  • Sassy the Diesel Railcar as Mrs. Matterson
  • Mickey Mouse the #1 Narrow-Gauge Engine as Mr. Ryan
  • Goofy the #6 Narrow-Gauge Engine as Captain
  • Scrooge McDuck the #8 Narrow-Gauge Engine as Kalo
  • Timon the Great Western Engine as Muckle's Assistant

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