• Thomas as Iain Lauchlan 
  • Skarloey as Alex Henry 
  • Rheneas as Dayle Hodge 
  • Sir Handel as Katie Hunter 
  • Peter Sam as Katie Lewis 
  • Rusty as Rebecca Herod 
  • Duncan as Shantel Boothe 
  • Gordon as Paul Hicks 
  • Mavis as Lucy Tuck
  • Emily as Sara Davison 
  • Percy as Dave Benson Phillips 
  • Henry as SuperTed
  • James as Rupert Bear
  • Edward as Dusty the Dinosaur
  • Toby as Postman Pat
  • The Engines as The Audience 


  1. Fun Song Factory Opening 
  2. If You're Happy And You Know It 
  3. One Finger, One Thumb 
  4. Head, Shoulders, Knees And Toes 
  5. I Am The Music Man 
  6. The Wheels On The Bus 
  7. I Hear Thunder 
  8. Sing A Song Of Sixpence 
  9. Hickory Dickory Dock 
  10. Mary, Mary Quite Contrary 
  11. Polly Put The Kettle On  
  12. Little Bo Peep 
  13. The Grand Old Duke Of York 
  14. Round And Round The Garden 
  15. Teddy Bear, Teddy Bear 
  16. Hokey Cokey 
  17. One, Two, Three, Four, Five 
  18. Five Little Speckled Frogs 
  19. Yellow Submarine 
  20. Postman Pat Theme 
  21. Sleeping Bunnies 
  22. Peter Rabbit 
  23. Tommy Thumb 
  24. Two Fat Gentleman 
  25. Miss Polly Had A Dolly 
  26. Incy Wincy Spider 
  27. Wiggly Woo 
  28. Ten Fat Sausages 
  29. Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star 
  30. Five Little Ducks 
  31. Dingle Dangle Scarecrow 
  32. Cows In The Kitchen 
  33. Old MacDonald Had A Farm 
  34. Fun Song Factory Closing 

Release Date: 1 December 1994 

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