Parody 1 (By Jaykob Walson)

Thomas as Matsumoto

Percy as Hamada

James as Yamasaki

Gordon as Tanaka

Henry as Endo

Billy as Jimmy Onishi (Both are funny)

Diesel as Thai Kick guy

Emily as Itao (Both are female)

Parody 2 (By Jaykob Walson)

Thomas as Hamada (Hamada has blue text, and Thomas is blue)

Percy as Endo (Both are youngest)

James as Matsumoto (Matsumoto has red text, and James is red)

Henry as Yamasaki/Yamazaki (Both are clumsy, and Yamasaki/Yamazaki has green text, and Henry is green)

Gordon as Tanaka (Both are impatient)

Diesel as Muay Thai Kick Boxer (Both bash objects)

Edward as Jimmy Onishi

Parody 3 (By Jaykob Walson)

Thomas as Matsumoto

Percy as Hamada

Henry as Yamasaki

James as Endo

Gordon as Tanaka

Toby as Fujiwara

Emily as Chikai

Edward as Jimmy Onishi

S.C Ruffey as Konya ga Yamada

Arry, Bert, D261, Splatter and Dodge as Punishers

Diesel as Thai Kick Wrester

Duck as Nakai

Spencer as Emily's "Onii"

Sir Topham Hatt as Producer

Diesel 10 as Chono

Donald as Fujiwara (License)

Douglas as Inomoto

Bill as Miyasako

Ben as Hotohara

Elizabeth as Deluxe

Frieda as Moriman

Jack and the Pack, Daisy, Boco, etc. as other guests

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