Version 1

  • Gordon as Garfield
  • The Fat Controller as Jon Arbuckle
  • Henry as Odie
  • Hiro as Cave Cat
  • Kevin as Big Bob
  • Victor as Amenhotep III
  • 98462 (from RWS) as Black Bart
  • Millie as Chloe
  • Hank as Uncle Todd
  • Ferdinand as Jester
  • Rosie as Sara
  • Lady as Diana the Kitten
  • Stepney as 19-GB
  • Scruffey, D261, Old Stuck Up (from RWS), 87546 (from RWS), Tiger Moth, Fred Pelhay (from RWS), Lorry 1, Lorry 2 and Lorry 3 as The Guards
  • Max, Monty, Smudger, Rickety (from RWS), Sixteen (from RWS), The Spiteful Breakvan, U. L. P. (from RWS), The Elderly Breakvan (from the TTTE Annuals), The Foreign Engine (from RWS) and Spencer as The Dogs
  • Emily as Garfield's Mother
  • Stanley as Mendelsen

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