• Thomas as Kyosuke/Red Racer
  • Percy as Naoki/Blue Racer
  • James as Minoru/Green Racer
  • Mavis as Natsumi/Yellow Racer
  • Emily as Youko/Pink Racer
  • Duck as Dappu
  • Gordon as Signalman
  • Rosie as Radietta Fanbelt/White Racer
  • Henry as VRV Master
  • Lightning McQueen (from CARS) as Pegasus Thunder
  • The King (from CARS) as Dragon Cruiser
  • Diesel as President Gynamo
  • Daisy as Beauty Zonnette/Vanity-Mirror Fanbelt
  • Bulgy as Deputy Leader Zelmoda
  • Dennis as Inventor Grotch
  • Spencer as Instructor Ritchhiker
  • Diesel 10 as Emperor Exhaus
  • Troublesome Trucks as The Wumpers