• Thomas as George Shrinks
  • Percy as Junior Shrinks
  • James as Perdite Shrinks
  • Gordon as Harold Shrinks
  • Henry as Dash Smasher
  • Russel Copeland as Toby
  • Emily as Becky Lopez
  • Duck as Carlton Cadwell
  • Stepney as Gaston
  • Edward as Mouse

Version 2 (made by Handsomepuppy32, please do not edit or delete!)

  • Thomas as George Shrinks
  • Mr. Percival as Harold Shrinks
  • Mrs. Kyndley as Perdita Shrinks
  • Billy as Junior Shrinks
  • Rosie as Becky Lopez

Version 3 (made by WatchfullKittycat32, no editing or deleting!)

  • Thomas as George Shrinks
  • Edward as Harold Shrinks
  • Emily as Perdita Shrinks
  • Phillip as Junior Shrinks
  • Rosie as Becky Lopez
  • Marion as Aunt Eunice
  • Frankie as Sparkle Tangerine
  • Trevor as Russell Copeland
  • Nia as Ellen
  • Bill and Ben as Timmy and Jimmy Fortevoce
  • Caitlin and Connor as Hilda and Henry
  • Mavis as Helga
  • Isobella as Lizzy
  • Frankie and Hurricane as The Cadwells
  • Flora as Skyler

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