Thomas/Ghostwriter are parodies with Thomas & Friends clips and Ghostwriter sounds.


Thomas as Jamal Jenkins (Thomas and Jamal are both protagonists)
James as Alejandro "Alex" Fernández
Emily as Gabriela "Gaby" Fernández
Rosie as Lenni Fraizer
Mavis as Tina Nguyen
Duck as Robert "Rob" Baker (Duck and Rob are both Western)
Hector as Hector Carrero (They both share the same name)
Daisy as Casey Austin
Elizabeth as Grandma Cecilla Jenkins
Edward as Lt. Isaiah McQuade
Peter Sam as Jeffrey Baxter
Molly as Estella Fernandez
Henry as Eduardo Fernandez
Isobella as Doris Jenkins
Fergus as Reggie Jenkins
Diesel as Calvin Ferguson
Diesel 10 as Mr. Milo Brinker
Duncan as Walter Haines
Billy as Kiambu
Percy as Craig Mitchell
George as George (They both share the same name)
Dodge as Tony Boyd
Madge as Principal Beatrice Kelly
Lady as Danitra Jenkins
Gordon as Quincy Torres
Derek as Victor Torres
Whiff as Mr. Johnston
Old Slow Coach as Erica Dansby
Caroline as Janice Hall
Annie as Jasmine
Charlie as Frank
Emma as Catherine
Alice as Lucy
Clarabel as Becky
Oliver as Sam

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