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  • Rosie as Charlie (Charlie's a girl!)
  • Thomas as PJ
  • Emily as Teddy
  • Henry as Bob
  • Molly as Amy
  • Percy as Gabe
  • Luke as Toby
  • James as Emmett
  • Mavis as Ivy
  • Daisy as Jo
  • Elizabeth as Mrs. Dabney
  • Isabella as Virginia (Mrs. Dabney's Sister)
  • Ada, Jane, and Mabel (From RWS) as Mrs. Dabney's other Sisters
  • Lady Hatt's Cat as Caboodle (Mrs. Dabney's Cat)
  • Gremlin as Winston (the Dog that followed Gabe home)
  • Toby as Grandpa Frank
  • Flora as Grandma Linda
  • Madge as Mrs. Wentz
  • Nelson as Mr. Wentz
  • Bulgy as Hugo
  • Caroline as Alice Wartheimer
  • George as Uncle Mel
  • 2 Trucks as The Motorcycle Riders
  • Skarloey as Jake
  • Rheneas as Liam
  • Sir Handel as Leo
  • Peter Sam as Jeremy
  • Rusty as Austin
  • Duncan as Zander
  • Smudger as Carl
  • The Diesel/D261 as Peter Piper
  • A Bear as The Bear in the truck
  • Neville as Mr. Hammerstone
  • Caitlin as The Old Nurse
  • Pegasus the Cart Horse as Happy Horse
  • Annie/Clarabel as Skyler
  • Spencer as Spencer (Spencer is a litte bit bad, plus they both share the same first name)
  • Hector as the Zombie Who Watched Tv
  • Diesel as Mitch
  • Dennis as the Blue Circle
  • Edward as Derek
  • BoCo as Vern
  • Billy as Charlie's Crush
  • Proteus as The Genie
  • Belle as Debbie Dooley
  • Gordon as Deputy Doug Dooley
  • Lady as DeeDee Dooley
  • The Duke of Boxford as Charlie's Monkey
  • The Duchess of Boxford as DeeDee's Monkey
  • Whiff as Gravy
  • Victor as Victor (Victor and Victor both share the same first name)
  • Victoria (From RWS) as Victoria (Victoria and Victoria both share the same first name)
  • The Stationmaster's Wife as Karen

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