• Thomas as Johnny Klebitz
  • Diesel 10 as Billy Grey
  • Edward as Jim Fitzgerald
  • Diesel as Brian Jeremy
  • Spencer as Ray Boccino
  • Lady as Ashley Butler
  • Gordon as Thomas Stubbs
  • James as Terry Thorpe
  • Duck as Clay Simons
  • Daisy as Elizabeta Torres
  • Oliver as Malc
  • Dennis as Angus Martin
  • Percy as Jason Michaels
  • Neville as DeSean
  • Stanley as Niko Bellic
  • Henry as Luis Fernando Lopez
  • Boco as Dave Grossman
  • Arry as Jim Matthews
  • Bert as Ed McCornish
  • Mavis as Marta
  • Derek as Andreas
  • Toby as Leavis
  • Hector as Curtis Stocker
  • Arthur as Evan Moss
  • The Spiteful Breakvan as Charlie

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