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Thomas/Grandpa In My Pocket - is a parody series with Thomas the Tank Engine toys and Grandpa In My Pocket audio sound


  • Percy as Jason
  • Thomas as Grandpa
  • Rosie as Jemmima
  • Emily as Mum
  • Edward as Dad
  • Gremlin as Barewolf
  • Diesel as Troy
  • Daisy as Great Aunt Loretta
  • Henry as Mr.Whoops
  • Duncan as Alvin

BARNEYS BIG AND SMALL TRANSCRIPT kids-hi guys troy-hi evreybody i brought barney jemima-he a cool boxs troy-hey i got an idea how about sits right here kids-o thats great troy-wait ago jason-i got a surprise for you troy troy-i put it right in the boxs[start music of its a beautiful day] troy-well its a sunny day jason-right kids-its a beautiful day partys coming our way today=======================================

More Coming Soon===========its a beautiful day[music ends] jason-i love playing jemima-me too troy-i can where is barney i dont know kids-where is barney where is gone be right in a box's jason-i dont have any purple big box's [the barney doll comes a life] barney-whoa who turn out the lights jemima-all help barney-um thats much better thank you jemima kids-you'll welcome barney[hugg's] barney-hi there thats great kids-thanks barney-o thats much better i can do it big and little[start music of big and little]=======

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