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  • Thomas as Dipper
  • Rosie as Mabel
  • Gordon as Grunkle Stan
  • Henry as Soos
  • Emily as Wendy
  • Fergus as Li'l Gideon
  • Daisy as Pacifica
  • Toby as Old Man McGucket
  • James as Robbie
  • Lady as Candy
  • Mavis as Grenda
  • Edward as Grunkle Ford
  • Percy as Mermando
  • Ashima as Melody
  • Terence as Waddles
  • Bertie as Gompers
  • Diesel 10 as Summerween Trickster
  • Diesel as Bill Cipher
  • Jack as Jeff
  • Duke as Carson
  • Harold as Steve
  • S. C. Ruffey as Jason
  • Smudger as Shmebulock
  • Elizabeth as Lazy Susan
  • Spencer as Preston Northwest
  • Duck as Toby Determined
  • Luke as Gorney
  • Peter Sam as Blendin Blandin
  • BoCo as Sheriff Blubs
  • Neville as Deputy Edwin Durland
  • Murdoch as Bud Gleeful
  • Molly as Mrs. Gleeful
  • George as Pa
  • Caroline as Ma
  • D261 as Nate
  • Buster as Lee
  • Rusty as Thompson
  • Belle as Tambry
  • Oliver as Quentin Trembly
  • Troublesome Trucks as Manatours
  • Horrid Lorries as Gnomes
  • Norman as Leaderor
  • Skarloey as Greggy G
  • Kelly as Greggy C
  • Cranky as Chubby Z
  • Stafford as Leggy P
  • Winston as Deep Chris
  • Donald as Xyler
  • Douglas as Craz
  • Salty as Bobbi Ronzobbi
  • Derek as The Pterodactyl
  • Bulgy as Mr. Poolcheck
  • Gator as Gobblewonker
  • Byron as Multi Bear
  • Dennis as Wax Sherlock Holms
  • NW Brake Van as Wax Coolio
  • Paxton as Wax Shakesphere
  • Billy as Wax Larry King
  • Splatter as Wax Thomas Edison
  • Dodge as Wax William Allen Poe
  • Isobella as Wax Queen Elizabeth ll
  • Flora as Lizzie Bourdon
  • Toad as That Thing
  • Bear (from RWS) as Wax Ganges Kahn
  • Nelson as Wax Robin Hood
  • Hank as Wax Richard Nixon
  • Bill as Mummy Kid
  • Ben as Soldier Kid
  • Max as Restraunt Owner
  • Millie as Shaundra Jumanis
  • Monty as Manley Dan
  • Duncan as Ergman Brattsmen
  • Arry and Bert as The Time Police
  • Bash, Dash, and Charlie as Wendy's Brothers
  • CGI Thomas as Tyrone
  • Thomas Toys as Dipper Clones 3-10
  • Season 12 Thomas as Paper Jam Dipper
  • Bulstrode as Rumble McScirmish

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