Thomas/Grease are parodies with Grease sounds and Thomas The Tank Engine And Friends clips.


Version 1 (made by Sodormatchmaker)

  • Thomas as Danny
  • Emily as Sandy
  • James Percy and Edward as The T Birds
  • Molly Mavis Rosie and Annie/Clarabel as The Pink Ladys
  • Daisy as Rizzo
  • Elizabeth as The Principal

Version 2

  • Thomas as Danny
  • Emily as Sandy
  • James as Kenickie
  • Edward as Doody
  • Percy as Sonny
  • Duck as Putzie
  • Mavis as Jan
  • Rosie as Marty
  • Molly as Frenchy
  • Daisy as Rizzo
  • Whiff as Eugene Felsnic
  • Henry as Vince Fontaine

Version 3 (made bye Dude722)

  • Thomas as Danny
  • Enily as Sandy
  • Bertie as Kenickie
  • Henry as Doody
  • Gordon as Sonny
  • Oliver as Putzie
  • Daisy as Rizzo
  • Edward as Marty
  • James as Frenchy
  • Emily as Jan
  • Diesel as Leo
  • Duck as Eugene
  • Boco as Vince
  • Mavis as Patty Simcock
  • Elizabeth as Cha Cha
  • Troublesome Trucks as Johnny Casio and the Gamblers


  • If you have any more casts, Please put them on the list, but Do not edit Version 1 or Delete It.

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