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  1. Thomas as Roller Coaster
  2. Percy as Snail and Fairy Tales
  3. James as Log Flume
  4. Toby as Big Apple
  5. Gordon as Gallopers
  6. Edward as Monorail
  7. Mavis as Bonanza
  8. Henry as Twister
  9. Diesel as Hauntel Hotel
  10. Neville as Funhouse
  11. Oliver as Waltzers
  12. Emily as Sky Drop
  13. Rosie as Disko
  14. Duck as Evolution
  15. Molly as Mulan
  16. Charlie as Snake Slide
  17. Harvey as Go Kart
  18. Whiff as Drag Cars
  19. Stanley as Dodgems
  20. Belle as Cup and Saucers
  21. Arthur as Safari Train
  22. Sir Handel as Yo-Yo
  23. Luke as Fomula One
  24. Spencer as Pirate Ship
  25. BoCo as 4D Cinema
  26. Stepney as Raft Ride
  27. Salty as Family Star Spinning Coaster
  28. Fergus as Wild Things
  29. Daisy as Outrage
  30. Murdoch as Orbiter
  31. Dennis as Move It
  32. Derek as Boomer
  33. Hiro as Big Wheel
  34. Stephen as Moon Base Alpha
  35. Flynn as The Flying Bus
  36. Gator as Freefall
  37. Ryan as Whirlwind

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