• Thomas as Roller Coaster
  • Percy as Snail and Fairy Tales
  • James as Log Flume
  • Toby as Big Apple
  • Gordon as Gallopers
  • Edward as Monorail
  • Mavis as Bonanza
  • Henry as Twister
  • Diesel as Hauntel Hotel
  • Neville as Funhouse
  • Oliver as Waltzers
  • Emily as Sky Drop
  • Rosie as Disko
  • Duck as Evolution
  • Molly as Mulan
  • Charlie as Snake Slide
  • Harvey as Go Kart
  • Whiff as Drag Cars
  • Stanley as Dodgems
  • Lady as Cup and Saucers
  • Arthur as Safari Train
  • Sir Handel as Yo-Yo
  • Bertie as Formula One
  • Spencer as Pirate Ship
  • BoCo as 4D Cinema
  • Stepney as Raft Ride
  • Salty as Family Star Spinning Coaster
  • Fergus as Wild Things
  • Daisy as Outrage
  • Murdoch as Orbiter
  • Dennis as Move It
  • Derek as Boomer
  • Hiro as Big Wheel
  • Diesel 10 as Moon Base Alpha
  • Billy as The Flying Bus
  • Cranky as Freefall
  • Trevor as Whirlwind
  • Harold as Flying Dumbo
  • Terence as Reverse Time

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