• Thomas as Alpha (Α)
  • Edward as Beta (Β)
  • Henry as Gamma (Γ)
  • Gordon as Delta (Δ)
  • James as Epsilon (Ε)
  • Percy as Zeta (Ζ)
  • Toby as Eta (Η)
  • Duck as Theta (Θ)
  • Donald as Iota (Ι)
  • Douglas as Kappa (Κ)
  • Oliver as Lambda (Λ)
  • Belle as Mu (Μ)
  • Rocky as Nu (Ν)
  • Victor as Xi (Ξ)
  • Elizabeth as Omicron (Ο)
  • Mavis as Pi (Π)
  • Caitlin as Rho (Ρ)
  • Cranky as Sigma (Σ)
  • Stephen as Tau (Τ)
  • Molly as Upsilon (Υ)
  • Arthur as Phi (Φ)
  • Rosie as Chi (Χ)
  • Emily as Psi (Ψ)
  • Duncan as Omega (Ω)

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