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  • Hercules - Thomas/Edward/Oliver/Murdoch/Donald/Douglas/James/Duncan/Percy/Stepney/Duck/Toby/Terence/Mavis/Dennis/Henry/Gordon
  • Baby Hercules - Peter Sam/Skarloey/Percy/Ten Cents (from TUGS)/Thomas/Sir Handel/Rheneas/Donald/Douglas/Bill/Ben/Rusty
  • Megara - Emily
  • Hades - Diesel 10/Diesel/Smudger/Bulgy/George/Duncan/Irorn' Arry/Iron' Bert
  • Pain and Panic - Bill and Ben/Donald and Douglas/Toad and Scruffey/Arry and Bert/Diesel and Dennis/Splatter and Dodge/James and Henry/Gordon and BoCo/Diesel 11 and Diesel 12/Diesel 13 and Diesel 14/Annie and Clarabel/Victoria and Helena/Emily and Molly/Rosie and Lady/Toby and Flora/Derek and Dennis/Lorry 1 and Lorry 2/Lorry 3 and Duck/Trucks and Coaches/Oliver and Stepney/D261 and Mallard/D199 and Old Stuck Up/Crankey and Bulstrode/Bertie and Terence/Trevor and Thumper/George and Bulgy/PT Boomer and Hector/The Barber and The Angry Policeman/Thomas and Edward/Percy and Billy/Bash and Dash/Den and Dart/Diesel 10 and Diesel/Hiro and Hank
  • Phil - Percy/James/Murdoch/Duncan/Horrid Lorries/Stanley/Harold/Bertie/Thomas/Edward/Stepney/Gordon/Dennis/Hector/Skarloey/Salty/Bulgy/Arry/Bert/Bill/Ben/Donald/Douglas/Bash/Dash (Not Spencer, Henry, Toby, Trevor, Diesel or Diesel 10!)
  • Pegasus - Harold/Jeremy/Thomas/Percy/James/Edward/Murdoch/Donald/Douglas/Gordon/Henry/Stanley/Sir Topham Hatt/Captain/Hank/Hiro/Victor/Kevin/Dennis
  • and more

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