Part 1

[Music Playing]

[All Train Engine Characters (PS 118 Students’ voices) Speaking Inquisitively]

Mavis (Helga’s voice): “Crimeny, look at Rhonda, she thinks she’s princess of the bus.”

Emily (Rhonda’s voice): “Excuse me, can we do a mirror check? no offense, but you belong in the back with the rest of the geeks, and take your geeky glasses with you.”

Oliver (Eugene’s voice): “You must be new on this route, the front seats are only for the cool kids.”

[Hitting Bump]

[Tires Squealing]

Rosie (Sheena’s voice): “Uh oh, Eugene’s getting carsick again.”

Oliver (Eugene’s voice): [Barfing Sounds]

Oliver (Eugene’s voice): [Groans Weakly] “I’m okay.”

Gordon (Principal Wartz’s voice): [Over P.A.] “Attention, students, all 4th graders, please re…….what is this? I can’t read this without my glasses, oh, report, please report to the nurse’s office for compulsory eye exams.”

Elizabeth (Nurse Shelly’s voice): “My little niece Sheena is in your class, do you girls play together?”

Emily (Rhonda’s voice): “No offense, but we’re not in the same crowd.”

Elizabeth (Nurse Shelly’s voice): “I see, read the 3rd line, please.”

Emily (Rhonda’s voice): “E? uh no, no, no, F? and then a P or an R.”

Elizabeth (Nurse Shelly’s voice): “Gosh, you can’t read any of those letters, can you? poor dear, you need glasses right away.”

[Emily (Rhonda’s voice) Gasps In Shock]

Emily (Rhonda’s voice): “But that’s impossible, nobody in my family wears glasses.”

Elizabeth (Nurse Shelly’s voice): “Well, then you’ll be the 1st, I’ll go ahead and notify your mother.”

Emily (Rhonda’s voice): “Look, I can’t possibly wear glasses, glasses are for nerds.”

Elizabeth (Nurse Shelly’s voice): “Glasses aren’t any big deal, Rhonda, I wear ‘em and I don’t look half bad, now do I?”

[Emily (Rhonda’s voice) Shuddering]

Emily (Rhonda’s voice): “Oh no!”

[Emily (Rhonda’s voice) Gasps In Fear]

Part 2

Molly (Mrs. Lloyd’s voice): “Rhonda, just accept it, you can’t have contacts yet.”

Emily (Rhonda’s voice): [Tearfully] “But, Mom……..”

Molly (Mrs. Lloyd’s voice): “But we both can’t be upset at the same time.”

Molly (Mrs. Lloyd’s voice): “Hello, this is Brooke calling for Buckley, it’s a family emergency.”

Molly (Mrs. Lloyd’s voice): “They’re crooked, why are all these frames crooked? every single 1?” Emily (Rhonda’s voice): “Mother, what if my ears are crooked?”

Molly (Mrs. Lloyd’s voice): “Oh, bite your tongue, you wretched Girl, Buckley dear, we got some truly dreadful news today, I’m still really, our perfect little Rhonda needs [Whispers] glasses.”

Molly (Mrs. Lloyd’s voice): “Take them off, Rhonda, you’re upsetting me.”

Emily (Rhonda’s voice): “I wanna talk to Daddy.”

Emily (Rhonda’s voice): [Weeping Uncontrollably] “I hate my life, Daddy, why does everything happen to me? I’m so unlucky.”

Molly (Mrs. Lloyd’s voice): “Pull yourself together, Rhonda, we’re in public.”

Molly (Mrs. Lloyd’s voice): “But what are you gonna do about it, Buckley? darling, your first rate.”

Molly (Mrs. Lloyd’s voice): “Daddy’s gonna buy you a pony, feel better now?”

Emily (Rhonda’s voice): “Well, a little, how ‘bout this pair, Mother?”

Molly (Mrs. Lloyd’s voice): “They rob you of your beauty, they simply do.”

Part 3

[All Train Engine Characters (‘Hey Arnold!’ Characters’ Voices) Gasp In Unison]

Mavis (Helga’s voice): “Crimeny, it’s the geek formerly known as Princess Rhonda Lloyd.”

[All Train Engine Characters (‘Hey Arnold!’ Characters’ Voices) Giggling In Unison]

Emily (Rhonda’s voice): “What are you looking at?”

Daisy (Yellow Haired Girl’s voice): “Excuse me, can we do a mirror check?”

Daisy (Yellow Haired Girl’s voice): “No offense, but you’re definitely back of the bus material.”

Emily (Rhonda’s voice): “Take that back.”

Daisy (Yellow Haired Girl’s voice): [Imitating Warning Signal] “Geek alert, geek alert!”

All Thomas Characters (‘Hey Arnold!’ characters’ voices): [Chanting in unison] “Back of the bus, back of the bus, back of the bus, back of the bus!”

Daisy (Yellow Haired Girl’s voice): “Geek A Lloyd, geek a Lloyd!”

Rosie (Sheena’s voice): “I like your glasses, Rhonda, they kinda remind me of my aunt’s.”

Emily (Rhonda’s voice): “Please don’t speak to me.”

Oliver (Eugene’s voice): “You wanna borrow my new pocket protector? it’s really cool.”

Emily (Rhonda’s voice): “I’m pretending not to be here.”

Oliver (Eugene’s voice): “It’s not so bad in the back, Rhonda, everybody’s real nice, we have fun.”

Oliver (Eugene’s voice): [Groaning] “I’m gonna be sick.”

Oliver (Eugene’s voice): [Barfing Sounds]

Emily (Rhonda’s voice): “It’s official, 8:15, my life is over.”

Part 4

Rosie (Sheena’s voice): “Aunt Shelly, Rhonda says the bus ride made her sick and she can’t go to class.”

Elizabeth (Nurse Shelly’s voice): “Mmm hmmmm.”

Oliver (Eugene’s voice): “I get carsick every morning, but 1ce we stop moving around and I stop throwing up, I feel much better.”

Elizabeth (Nurse Shelly’s voice): “Well, that’s very different, but thanks anyway, Eugene.”

Oliver (Eugene’s voice): “I keep these crackers handy ‘cause they settle my stomach, maybe they’ll help you feel better.”

Emily (Rhonda’s voice): “Nothing’s gonna make me feel better when I’m wearing these awful glasses, it’s just not fair, I’m the coolest girl in class, I give the best slumber parties and I have the most stylish and up to date clothes.”

Oliver (Eugene’s voice): “Rhonda’s all about style.”

Emily (Rhonda’s voice): “And then overnight, I turn into a geek, and kids like you and Sheena are always feeling sorry for me all because of these horrible glasses, [Begins Weeping] I can’t take it!”

Elizabeth (Nurse Shelly’s voice): “Oh poor dear, it’s a lot of pressure being the coolest girl in class, I know, when I was your age, I was always the coolest girl in class.”

Emily (Rhonda’s voice): [Screams In Fear]

Emily (Rhonda’s voice): [Weeping In Fear]

Emily (Rhonda’s voice): “No, nooooooooooooo!”

Part 5

Emily (Rhonda’s voice): “I can’t believe that they made us watch that dumb hygiene movie.”

Mavis (Helga’s voice): “Could you even see the screen, Rhonda? you didn’t have your glasses on.”

Emily (Rhonda’s voice): “I don’t need to wear glasses all the time.”

Mavis (Helga’s voice): “Right, then I guess you sat in bubble gum on purpose.”

Emily (Rhonda’s voice): [Gasps In Shock]

Emily (Rhonda’s voice): “I’ve been walking around with gum on my shirt? Nadine, why didn’t you tell me?”

[All Train Engine Characters (‘Hey Arnold!’ Characters’ Voices) Giggling In Unison]

[Laughter Stops]

Emily (Rhonda’s voice): “Ow, oh my nose, is it bleeding? aaah!”

Rosie (Sheena’s voice): “Don’t worry, this happens to us all the time.”

Emily (Rhonda’s voice): “Please don’t touch me, Sheena, I’m not 1 of you.”

Part 6

Gordon (Principal Wartz’s voice): “Attention, peoples, the student health committee meeting has been cancelled due to owns.”

Oliver (Eugene’s voice): “Uh, that Band-Aid blends nicely on your skin tone, Rhonda.”

Emily (Rhonda’s voice): [Growls In Annoyance]

Mavis (Helga’s voice): “How the mighty are falling over, huh, Phoebs? Poor Rhonda, next thing you know she’ll wake up with big buck teeth and start reading computer magazines.”

Emily (Rhonda’s voice): “Cut it out, Helga, I don’t need any of your fake sympathies, I’m still a transmitter.”

Mavis (Helga’s voice): [Chuckles] “Yeah right, I suppose glasses and bubble gum are not all the latest fashion accessories, oh and I like the toilet paper trailing off of your shoe, it’s so sheik.”

Mavis (Helga’s voice): [Laughs]

Emily (Rhonda’s voice): “What?”

[Snapping Sounds]

Emily (Rhonda’s voice): [Gasps] “My glasses.”

Oliver (Eugene’s voice): “Don’t worry, we can fix your glasses, it happens all the time, Curly, give me the duct tape.”

Oliver (Eugene’s voice): “Mmmm, that’s weird, these glasses keep tilting, are your ears crooked, Rhonda?”

Emily (Rhonda’s voice): “It’s official, 11:48, I’m now a total geek.”

Part 7

Gordon (Principal Wartz’s voice): “A reminder about lunch time, students, uh, lunch time is for eating as eating, chewing and swallowing, not throwing it across the table at each other, uh, that’s just how we conduct ourselves.”

Thomas (Arnold’s voice): “You can sit at our table, Rhonda.”

Emily (Rhonda’s voice): “I don’t need you to feel sorry for me, Arnold.”

Oliver (Eugene’s voice): “Oh, careful, Rhonda, this table’s really old.”

Emily (Rhonda’s voice): “Then why are we sitting here?”

Rosie (Sheena’s voice): “The good tables are always taken.”

Oliver (Eugene’s voice): “We gotta put some cardboard underneath here, guys.”

[Thomas (Arnold’s voice), Rosie (Sheena’s voice) and Oliver (Eugene’s voice) Chuckling In Unison]

Emily (Rhonda’s voice): “This is so pathetic.”

Part 8

Oliver (Eugene’s voice): “Got the ball, Brainy?”

Duck (Brainy’s voice): “Yeah.”

[Breathing Sounds]

Oliver (Eugene’s voice): “Great, now that there’s 4 of us, we can play 4 squares, Curly’s saving us a corner.”

Emily (Rhonda’s voice): “We can’t play with that ball, it’s totally flat.”

Oliver (Eugene’s voice): “Well, that’s the only reason they let us keep it.”

Emily (Rhonda’s voice): “Why did we let the other Kids take cuts on our court? Curly was saving it for us.”

Oliver (Eugene’s voice): “It’s okay, they probably didn’t see him, see 1ce you’re a geek, people don’t really notice you.”

Emily (Rhonda’s voice): “Look, we shouldn’t have to play with the flat ball, we deserve a good ball, like everybody else.”

Oliver (Eugene’s voice): “Uh, everybody can here you, Rhonda.”

Emily (Rhonda’s voice): “Good, I want them to hear me, we shouldn’t have to sit at the worse table in the cafeteria either, and what’s is the deal with the back of the bus? why should we have to get thrown around like a sack of potatoes? why else? why? don’t geeks have feelings too? if you tickle us, don’t we laugh? if you prick us, don’t we bleed?”

Rosie (Sheena’s voice): “She’s right.”

Oliver (Eugene’s voice): “It’s always been this way, Rhonda, I don’t think 1 kid like you is gonna change it.”

Emily (Rhonda’s voice): “Then you don’t know, Eugene, if Rhonda Lloyd has to be a geek, then the rules about geeks are gonna change, are you with me? are we gonna fight with this injustice together?”

Oliver (Eugene’s voice): “I don’t know about that, nobody cares what we think, Rhonda.”

Emily (Rhonda’s voice): “Then it’s about time, Eugene, it’s about time you showed the other kids below that pencil neck of yours beats a brave heart.”

Emily (Rhonda’s voice): “And you too, don’t let anybody put you down, be proud of who you are.”

Oliver (Eugene’s voice): “You’re so brave, Rhonda, you’re the queen of the geeks.”

All Train Engine Characters (‘Hey Arnold!’ characters’ voice): [Chanting In Unison] “Queen of the geeks, queen of the geeks, queen of the geeks!”

Part 9

Emily (Rhonda’s voice): “I’m sitting in the front, move over.”

Daisy (Yellow Haired Girl’s voice): “I don’t think so, let’s ask the mirror.”

Daisy (Yellow Haired Girl’s voice): “Mirror, mirror on the bus, is she a geek or 1 of us? geek.”

[All Train Engine Characters (‘Hey Arnold!’ Characters’ Voices) Laughing In Unison]

Emily (Rhonda’s voice): “I’m not going anywhere, I like it fine right here.”

[All Train Engine Characters (‘Hey Arnold!’ Characters’ Voices) Gasp In Shock]

Daisy (Yellow Haired Girl’s voice): “I don’t make the rules, you know, now just go.”

Emily (Rhonda’s voice): “It’s a free country, I can sit wherever I want.”

Daisy (Yellow Haired Girl’s voice): “Not on this bus.”

Emily (Rhonda’s voice): “You can’t tell me what to do, I’m not moving.”

Daisy (Yellow Haired Girl’s voice): “What are you looking at? come on, get in the back.”

Oliver (Eugene’s voice): “Uh, I’m not going.”

Daisy (Yellow Haired Girl’s voice): “What?”

Oliver (Eugene’s voice) “I’m tired of sitting in the back, and I’m tired of throwing up.”

Daisy (Yellow Haired Girl’s voice): “You little twerp!”

Emily (Rhonda’s voice): “Leave him alone and go sit down.”

Daisy (Yellow Haired Girl’s voice): “I’m not sitting down ‘til you move.”

Emily (Rhonda’s voice): “I’m Rhonda Wellington Lloyd, and I don’t have to move for you or any 1 else, I demand my rights to sit anywhere I want, anytime I want, and these other geeks, I mean….kids, they can sit anywhere they want.”

Thomas (Arnold’s voice): “Rhonda’s right, nobody should make anybody else feel bad about who they are or how they look, I say we get rid of the geek seats and let everybody sit where they want.”

[All Train Engine Characters (‘Hey Arnold!’ Characters’ voices) Cheering In Unison]

Daisy (Yellow Haired Girl’s Voice): “This is outta control!”

Oliver (Eugene’s voice): “Hey, you, you might need this.”

Emily (Rhonda’s voice): “Touché, Eugene.”

Part 10

Mavis (Helga’s voice): “Nice frames, Rhonda.”

Emily (Rhonda’s voice): “They follow the delicate curve of my cheek.”

Oliver (Eugene’s voice): “Hi, Rhonda.”

Emily (Rhonda’s voice): “Excuse me, but where are you going? there’s room for both of us, you know, as long as it’s not an ever date thing.”

Emily (Rhonda’s voice): “Like my glasses? I have them in 3 designer styles, 1’s for dresser occasions, perfectly, 1s for dresser occasions, but these are my kiekie girl on the go care for every day.”

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