Version 1

  • Thomas as Wayne Szalinski
  • Emily as Diane Szalinski
  • Rosie as Amy Szalinski
  • Percy as Nick Szalinski
  • James as Russ Szalinski
  • Molly as Mae Thompson Sr.
  • Henry as Ron Thompson
  • Bill as Eat
  • Ben as Cereal
  • Duck as Jungle
  • Diesel 10 as Dad
  • Diesel as Mlik
  • George as Drink
  • Mavis as Pouring
  • Rusty as Pour
  • Duncan as Dog
  • BoCo as The People
  • Bulgy as People The
  • Bertie as Mail
  • Terence as Car
  • Trevor as House
  • Harold as Water
  • Helicopter as The Water
  • The Helicopter as Water The
  • Helicopter The as Grass
  • Train Station as The Grass
  • Station Train as Grass The
  • Oliver as Drinking Mlik
  • Toby as The Dogs
  • Tiger Moth as Mail Man
  • Donald and Douglas as Mail Box
  • The Twins as Drinking
  • Gordon as The Drinking

Version 2 (made by BrittalCroftFan, do not edit, add, or delete!)

Version 1 (for both Jim Henson/Thomas & Dr. Seuss and Jim Henson/Thomas)

  • Culdee as Wayne Szalinski
  • Ernest as Russ Thompson
  • Emma as Diane Szalinski
  • Niel as Quark
  • Wilfred as Ron Thompson
  • Jack the Inter City Diesel Engine as The Bee
  • Eric as as Nick Szalinski
  • Helena as Amy Szalinski
  • Pip as Mae Thompson Sr.
  • Spamcan as The Scorpion
  • Splatter and Dodge as Big Bunny and Antie

Version 2 (for Honey I Shrunk the Kids)

  • Gordon as Wayne Szalinski
  • Molly as Diane Szalinski
  • Emily as Amy Szalinski
  • Henry as Nick Szalinski
  • Edward as Russ Szalinski
  • Flora as Mae Thompson Sr.
  • Toby as Ron Thompson

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