Diesel As Horrid Henry

Fergus As Perfect Peter

Gordon As Pimply Paul

Emily As Henry's Mum

Edward As Henry's Dad

Smudger As Bossy Bill

Percy As Goody Goody Gordon

Mavis As Prissy Polly

Duck As Spotless Sam

Oliver As Tidy Ted

Henry As Mr Mossy

Molly As Mrs Mossy

Arry And Bert As The Brickhouse Boys

George As Rude Ralph

Dennis As Weepy Wiliam

Duncan As Greedy Graham

Rosie As Gorgeous Gurinder

Daisy As Moody Margaret

Toby As Margaret's Dad

Flora As Margaret's Mum

Boco As Areobic Al

Duck As Beefy Bert

Bill And Ben As Peter's Children

Bulgy As Peter's Devil

Bertie As Peter's Angel

Spencer As Soggy Sid

Madge As Miss Lovely

Elizabeth As Miss Battle Axe

Isabella As Lazy Linda

Skarloey As New Nick

The Fat Controller As Nick's Dad

Lady Hatt As Nick's Mum

Splatter And Dodge The Dogs

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