• Thomas as Manny
  • Percy as Sid
  • James as Diego
  • S.C. Ruffy as Scrat
  • Peter Sam as The Baby
  • Emily as Ellie
  • Lady as Peaches
  • Donald and Douglas as Crash and Eddie
  • Rosie as Scratte
  • Gordon as Buck
  • Mavis as Shira
  • Diesel as Soto
  • Sidney as Zeke
  • Norman as Oscar
  • Paxton as Lenny
  • Flynn as Runar
  • Belle as Nadia
  • Boco as Dab
  • Arry & Bert as Carl & Frank
  • Henry as Fast Tony
  • Spencer as The Lone Gun Slinger
  • Splatter & Dodge as Cretaceous & Maelstrom
  • Edward as Momma
  • Rusty,Duncan & Freddie as Baby Dinos
  • Diesel 10 as Rudy
  • George as Captain Gutt
  • Troublesome Trucks as Tribe Men, Animals, Mini Sloths, Dinosaurs and Pirates

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