Thomas/In Living Color is a parody with Thomas & Frineds video clips and In Living Color sounds.

Version 1 (made by mmcm312)

  • Percy as Keenen Ivory Wayans
  • James as Jim Carrey (James and Jim both have names that start with J)
  • Caroline as Kelly Coffield
  • Elizabeth as Kim Coles
  • Thomas as Tommy Davidson (Thomas and Tommy both have names that start with T)
  • Gordon as David Alan Grier
  • Belle as T'Keyah Crystal Keymah
  • Edward as Damon Wayans
  • Mavis as Kim Wayans
  • Toby as Jamie Foxx
  • Hiro as Steve Park (Hiro and Steve are both Asian)
  • Duck as Shawn Wayans (Duck and Shawn are both Western)
  • Derek as Marlon Wayans
  • Molly as Alexandra Wentworth
  • Emily as Anne-Marie Johnson
  • Murdoch as Jay Leggett (Murdoch and Jay are both big)
  • Skarloey as Reggie McFadden
  • Rosie as Carol Rosenthal (Rosie and Carol are both sweet)
  • Arthur as Marc Wilmore
  • Henry as DJ Twist
  • Madge as Deidre Lang
  • Daisy as Cari French
  • Annie as Carrie Ann Inaba
  • Clarabel as Lisa Marie Todd
  • Isobella as Michelle Whitney Morrison
  • Caitlin as Jennifer Lopez
  • Duchess as Josie Harris
  • Alice as Masako Willis
  • Lady as Laurie Ann Gibson (Lady and Laurie Ann both have names that start with L)
  • Henrietta as Carla Garrido
  • Emma as Keri Lane
  • Flora as Lisa Joann Thompson
  • Pip as MaDonna Grimes

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