• The Night is Light and the Stars all bright and for sleeping is dark and deep too.
  • But someone how know is sleep and snug and he dreated off to sleep. Round and Round a Little Boat no bigger than your hand. Out from the Ocean far away and deep away. Take a little sail down, night the little night. This is the way with the dark engineer.


Thomas as Iggel Piggle Emily or Stepney as Upsy Daisy Percy as Makka Pakka James Diesel and Mavis as The Tombliboos

  • Toby as The Ninky Nonk
  • Harold as The Pinky Ponk
  • Bill, Ben, Diesel, Donald, Douglas, Daisy, Boco, Mavis, Oliver and Bulgy as The Pontipines
  • Lady, Emily and Fergus as The Tombiboos
  • Murdoch, Molly, Freddie, Hector and Billy as Haahos

Version 2 (made by WatchfullKittycat32, no editing or deleting please!)

  • Mr. Conductor (Ringo Starr) as Narrator
  • Thomas as Iggle Piggle
  • Flora as Upsy Daisy
  • Henry as Makka Pakka
  • Percy, Toby, and Rosie as The Tombliboos
  • James, Lady, Skarloey, Rheneas, Harvey, Mike, Marion, Annie, Clarabel, and Henrietta as The Pontipines
  • Gordon, Belle, Sir Handel, Edward, Bert, Fergus, Hong-Mei, Frieda, Millie, and Lexi as The Wottingers
  • Murdoch, Arthur, BoCo, Molly, and Daisy as The Haahoos
  • Various Sodor Birds as The Tittifers
  • Rex as The Ninky Nonk
  • Harold as The Pinky Ponk
  • Bertie as Upsy Daisy's Bed

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