Thomas/Incredibles are Parodies with The Incredibles sounds and Thomas the Tank Engine & Friends clips.


Verison 1 (BramGroatFilms)

  • Thomas as Bob Parr (AKA Mr. Incredible)===
  • Emily as Helen Parr (AKA Mrs. Incredible/Elastigirl)
  • Gordon as Lucius Best (AKA Frozone)
  • Rosie as Violet Parr
  • Percy as Dash Parr
  • Skarloey as Jack-Jack Parr
  • Diesel as Buddy Pine (AKA Syndrome)
  • Daisy as Mirage
  • James as Mr. Huph
  • Diesel 10 as The Underminer
  • Molly as Edna Mode
  • Elizabeth as Mrs. Hogensen
  • Dennis as Bernie
  • Duck as The Principal
  • Neville as The Man on The Roof of The Apartment Building
  • Boulder as Omnidroid
  • Troublesome Trucks as Guards (aka Syndrome's Henchmen)
  • The Jim Henson's Dinosaur Characters as Deceased Heroes
  • The Shrimpers from TUGS as The Police Officers
  • Spencer as Bomb Voyage
  • Murdoch as Mugger
  • BoCo as Minister
  • Duncan as Cat

Version 2 (made by Charlotte's Web 1973)

  • Gordon as Bob Parr
  • Henry as Lucius Best
  • Ron the Nasty LMS Jinty as Syndrome
  • Elizabeth as Edna Mode

===Version 3=

  • Henry as Bob Parr
  • Wendy The Good Little Witch Engine as Elastigirl (Both Red
  • Percy as Dash Parr
  • Emily as Violet
  • Rheneas as Jack-Jack Par
  • Steam Engine as Syndrome
  • Kevin as Lucius Best