• Rosie as Riley (Both have names starting with "R")
  • Emily as Joy (Both are beautiful)
  • Mavis as Sadness
  • James as Anger
  • Daisy as Disgust (Both are stubborn)
  • Thomas as Fear
  • Edward as Riley's Father
  • Molly as Riley's Mother

Version 2 (made by WatchfullKittycat32, no editing or deleting please!)

  • Mavis as Riley Andersen
  • Rosie as Joy
  • Molly as Sadness
  • Daisy as Disgust
  • James as Anger
  • Percy as Fear
  • Edward as Mr. Andersen
  • Emily as Mrs. Andersen
  • Henry as Bing-Bong
  • Frankie and Hurricane as The Forgetters
  • Mr. Bubbles as Jangles the Clown
  • Thomas as Riley's Imaginary Boyfriend
  • Dart as Jordan
  • Flora as Meg
  • Flora as Rainbow Unicorn
  • Toad as Fritz
  • Gordon, Murdoch, Arthur, Flying Scotsman, and Hiro as Mr. Andersen's Emotions
  • Lady, Annie, Clarabel, Henrietta, and Isobella as Mrs. Andersen's Emotions
  • Paxton, Sidney, Den, Norman, and Dennis as Jordan's Emotions

Opposite Gender Version

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