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Version 1

  • Henry as Inspector Gadget
  • Bertie as Gadgetmobile
  • Emily as G2
  • Rosie as Penny (Animanted Version)
  • Ilsobelle as Penny (IG1 Version)
  • Madge as Penny (IG2 Version)
  • Edward as Brain
  • Gordon as The Chef
  • Diesel 10 as Dr Claw
  • Scruffy as Mad Cat
  • The Diesel as Scolex
  • Duncan as Professor Kramer
  • Arry/Bert as Sikes
  • Diesel as Robogadget
  • Percy as the Kid
  • Boco as the Reporter
  • Bill as Brick
  • Ben as Bekevor
  • Splatter as Jungle Bob
  • Dodge as the Ninja

Version 2

  • Thomas as Inspector Gadget
  • Rosie as Penny
  • Bertie as Brain
  • Gordon as Chief Quimby
  • Diesel as Doctor Claw

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