Version 1 Cast

  • Edward as Captain T. G. Culpeper
  • Henry as Lennie Pike
  • Percy as "Benjy" Benjamin
  • Thomas as "Dingy" Bell
  • Mavis as Monica Crump
  • Oliver as Melville Crump
  • Duck as J. Russell Finch
  • Daisy as Mrs. Marcus
  • Emily as Emmeline Marcus-Finch
  • James as Otto Meyer
  • Gordon as Slyvester Marcus
  • Toby as Lt. Col. J. Algernon Hawthorne
  • Spencer as Tyler Fitzgerald
  • Hiro as Aloysius
  • Donald and Douglas as the Cab Drivers
  • Murdoch as Col. Wilberforce
  • Diesel as "Smiler" Grogan
  • Molly as Slyvester's Girlfriend
  • Bertie as Man Offering Help
  • Sir Handel as Vintage Biplane Pilot
  • Bill and Ben as Service Station Co-Owners, Ray and Irwin
  • Skarloey as Nervous Motorist

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