Edward as Jackie

Toby as Uncle

Mavis as Jade

Emily as Viper

Thomas as Drew

Percy as Paco

Henry as Maynard (Henry and Maynard both started out as bullies, but eventually became good)

Arry and Bert as Finn and Chow

James as Jade's father

Molly as Jade's mother

Gordon as El Toro Fuerte

Splatter and Dodge as Ratso and Hak Foo

Sir Topham Hatt as Captain Black

Mr. Percival as Captain Black's Assistant

Diesel as Shendu

Murdoch as Dai Gui

Billy as Hsi Wu

Bulgy as Xiao Fung

George as Tso Lan

Diesel 10 as Tchang Zu

Spencer as Valmont

BoCo as Tohru (BoCo and Tohru both came off as evil at first, but eventually became good)

Daisy as Po Kong

Elizabeth as Bai Tsa

Isabella as Vanessa Barone

The Angry Policeman as Daolon Wong

98462 (from The Railway Series) as Tarakudo