• Thomas as Johnny
  • Percy as Dukey
  • Emily as Susan
  • Rosie as Mary
  • Henry as Johnny's Dad
  • Molly as Johnny's Mom
  • Gordon as Mr. Teacherman
  • Donald as Mr. Black
  • Douglas as Mr. White
  • Edward as The Mayor
  • Mavis as Jillian
  • James as Gil
  • Stanley as Johnson Anderson
  • Diesel as Bling Bling Boy
  • Elizabeth as Bling Bling's Mom
  • Toby as Professer Slopslink
  • Diesel 10 as Brain Freezer
  • Bulstrode as Mr. Mittins
  • Spencer as Dark Vegan
  • Madge as Helan
  • Other Engines as Monsters Creepers & Explosion Diesels
  • Trucks as Teenagers
  • Boco as The General
  • Bill & Ben as Two Kids
  • Dennis as Dr. Ranson Andrew
  • Bash as Tad Tenny
  • Dash as Nad Tenson
  • Ferinand as Gaylord
  • Daisy as Sissy
  • Flynn as Fireman
  • Rocky as Builder
  • Spike (from Tom and Jerry) as Mr. Whacko
  • Annie as Girl 1
  • Clarabel as Girl 2
  • Sir Topham Hatt as Doctorman
  • Mr. Percival as Mr. Bobbyson
  • Mrs. Percival as Mrs. Bobbyson
  • Arthur as Adam
  • Lady as Girl 3

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