Duke and Scarloey as the 2 1869 people that had to hide the Jumanji Board Game

Thomas as young Alan Parrish

Lady as young Sarah Whittle

Gordon as Alan's Dad

Molly as Alan's Mom

Henry as adult Alan Parrish

Emily as adult Sarah Whittle

Percy as Peter Shepherd

Rosie as Judy Shepherd

James as Carl

Mavis as Nora

Edward as the wild animal catcher

Troublesome Trucks as Bats

Diesel as Van Pelt the hunter

Bees from the bee hive as mosquitos

Daisy as Mrs Thomas

Spencer as lion

Diesel 10 as crocodile

Paxton Splatter Dodge & D199 as the stampede

Arry Bert Norman & D261 as the spiders

the Monkeys as themselfs (Because there is no any other diesels to be them)

Sir Topham Hat & Lady Hat as Judy & Peter's Parents

Annie and Clarabel as the 2 French Girls

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