Version 1

  • Thomas as Tyrone Tiger
  • Bill/Ben as Marvin Monkey
  • Rosie as Penny Parrot
  • Peter Sam as Sebastian Snake
  • Derek as Albert Alligator
  • Isabella as Henrietta Hippo
  • Belle as Ethel Elephant
  • Caroline as Zoe Zebra
  • Dennis as Lester Lion
  • Daisy as Geraldine Giraffe
  • Elizabeth as Henrietta's Mother (The Teacher)
  • Duck as Penny's Dad
  • Madge as Penny's Mum
  • Billy as Perry Parrot (Penny's Brother)
  • Hiro as Graham Gorilla

Version 2

  • Henry as Tyrone Tiger
  • Oliver as Marvin Monkey
  • Peter Sam as Albert Alligator
  • James as Lester Lion
  • Emily as Zoe Zebra
  • Daisy as Geraldine Giraffe
  • Duke as Sebastian Snake
  • Skarloey as Penny Parrot
  • Rosie as Ethel Elephant
  • Mavis as Henrietta Hippo
  • Caroline as Henrietta's Mum (The Teacher)
  • Caitlin as Tyrone's Mum
  • Gordon as Albert's Dad
  • Belle as Albert's Mum
  • Billy as Penny's Dad
  • Molly as Penny's Mum
  • Bill/Ben as Perry (Penny's baby brother)
  • Whiff as Dr. Bill Beak
  • Rusty as Firefly
  • Salty as Graham Gorilla

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