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  • Thomas as Kit Taylor/Adam/Dragon Knight/Onyx
  • James as Len/Wing Knight
  • Sir Topham Hatt as Frank Taylor
  • Emily as Maya Young/New Siren
  • Diesel 10 as General Xaviax
  • Percy as Trent Moseley
  • Rosie as Lacey Sheridan
  • Troublesome trucks as Minions
  • Murdoch as Vic Frasier/Wrath
  • Spencer as Richie Preston/Incisor
  • Donald/Arry as Danny Cho/Hunt/Axe
  • Douglas/Bert as Albert Cho/Spear
  • Sir Handel as Chris Ramirez/Sting
  • Dennis as JTC/Price/Strike
  • Mavis as Kase/Siren
  • Henry as Drew Lansing/Chance/Torque
  • George as Grant Stanley/Camo
  • Edward as Detective Grimes
  • Daisy as Michelle Walsh
  • Salty as the mime
  • Derek as Agent Phillips
  • Lady as Sarah
  • Lady Hatt as Grace Keifer
  • Gordon as Master Eubulon
  • Duncan as Brad Barrett/Thrust
  • Oliver as Electrician
  • Bertie as Paragon
  • Duck as Tow Truck drver
  • Isabella as Female foster
  • Kelly as Foster mother
  • Jack as male foster
  • The Brakevan as multiple monsters Xaviax created
  • Hector as Spider Monstor
  • Chinese Dragon as Dragreeder/Dragranzer
  • Harold as other Advent Beasts that deliver weapons
    • Special Guests
  • Jack as Tsukasa Kadoya/Decade/Kiva
  • Alfie as Yusuke Onodera/Kuuga
  • Toad as Eijiro Hikari
  • Elizabeth as Natsumi Hikari
  • Splatter as Abyss Slasher
  • Dodge as Abyss Slammer
  • Caroline as Kivala
  • The Diesel as Kamata/Paradoxa Undead/Kamen Rider Abyss
  • S.C. Ruffey as Narutaki
  • Alicia Botti as Reiko Momoi
  • Multiple Engines as Blade Riders

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