• Edward as Hank Hill
  • Emily as Peggy Hill
  • Thomas as Bobby Hill
  • Mavis as Luanne Platter
  • Henrietta as Ladybird
  • James as Dale Gribble
  • Henry as Bill Dauterive
  • Duck as Jeff Boomhauer
  • Molly as Nancy Gribble
  • Percy as Joseph Gribble
  • Spencer as Kahn Souphanousinphone
  • Daisy as Minh Souphanousinphone
  • Rosie as Connie Souphanousinphone
  • Gremlin as Doggie
  • Gordon as Cotton Hill
  • Madge as Didi Hill
  • Peter Sam as G.H. Hill
  • Billy as Dusty Hill
  • Sir Topham Hatt as Buck Strickland
  • Lady Hatt as Elizabeth Strickland
  • Murdoch as John Redcorn
  • Oliver as Enrique
  • Duncan as Joe Jack
  • Elizabeth as Tilly Hill
  • Toby as Gary Kasner
  • Salty as Lucky Kleinschmidt
  • Lady as Gracie Kleinschmidt
  • Jack as Jack the Barber
  • Mr. Percival as Principal Carl Moss
  • Cranky as Coach Kleehammer
  • Bill/Ben as Stuart Dooley
  • Bulgy as Clark Peters
  • Whiff as Randy Miller
  • George as Chane Wassonasong
  • Hank as Bug Gribble
  • Paxton as Patch Boomhauer
  • Stepney as Mike Soto
  • D261 as Alabaster Jones
  • Duke as Chet Elderson
  • Hiro as Junichiro Hill
  • Hector as Big Jim

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